Technique Videos

The Quick Repeated Cast

A basic cast to get kitties attention. This does not use any over head ‘fishing’ cast, simply keep the Kaster low to the ground  and cast the target in the sight range of kitty. 

The Slow Crawl

Dragging the target along the ground slowly and mimic a small insect or animal walking and always gets kitties attention!

The Pull Up Jump

The crowd pleaser! Everyone is always amazed by how high a kitty can jump. This technique will show you how to see if your Kitty is a jumper or not! (hint, not all are, the heavier the cat, the less they jump).

The Flutter Jump

This simple technique simulates a quick jump insect like a grasshoper or frog and can drive some kitties wild!

The Hide and Seeker

Many Kitties cannot resist it when the target runs out of sight (or under a couch!) use this method to get a kitties attention who doesn’t seem to like the target cast right in front of them.

A Collection of Jumps

This is a small little collection of jumps from the day of recording we did with the kitties. dont worry there’s a small thin cushion rug under the green screen where they were mostly jumping so no one got hurt!