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Loads of Long-lasting Fun

Our 30 year-old Kitty Tease is in great shape, but the string and denim were loved to shreds. I’m so glad I can replace them to the delight of our latest rescue kittens. Thank you for making this high-quality product that thrills all five of our cats–old and young. The attached photo shows 3 of our cats engaged in playing with their beloved toy.

Location:Middle Tennessee
January 5, 2024

15+ years of addicted cats

I bought the original from my vet’s office at least 15 years ago and my three cats were instantly hooked. One in particular would meow at the closet where I kept it, she was just crazy for it. My original three cats have since passed and I gave the toy away to a friend’s cat (who is just as nuts about it as mine were).

I have acquired two new kittens in the past year and was so happy to find that the Kaster was being made again! The cheap feather-and-string toys just do not compare.

I bought one for the new kittens who chase it to the point of exhaustion and also meow at the closet door when they want their playtime.

I’ve recommended the Kitty Kaster to everyone I know with a cat and will continue to do so for as long as they’re made.

Location:Pasadena, CA
October 7, 2023

This is IT! It’s the Galki Kitty Tease!

Thank you for reproducing the original. Cheap knock-offs offer no recognition nor integrity for the original inventor and his cat-crazy invention. You’ve captured it, Thank you! (We had one cat who would get playing with his kitty tease to the point of open mouth panting! After a visit to the vet to make sure the cat didn’t have a heart problem, we limited time on the kitty tease.)
My kitties LOVE you. Thank you.
Barb Lindo

Barbara Lindo
Location:Rural/Central New York State
June 9, 2023

2 Cat Addicts!

My sister sent me one in 1986 and it was an instant success. Two cats played with it all the time. I had to hide it yet they still asked for the toy. Waking up with coffee in bed and a magazine, I heard a dragging sound coming from the front room, then through the living room, the dining room, the hall and into the bedroom. Patch had the cloth in her mouth and dragged the entire toy up on the bed, sat on my lap, dropped the cloth and then knocked the magazine out of my hands. Play time was on!

April 11, 2023

Best toy ever!

Purchased the whip well over 30 years ago at a cat show in California. Our cats fell in love with it and we are still using with our latest bunch. Happy to find out still available. Well worth the cost.
It’s really a 10

Location:Austin, TX
February 23, 2023

Best kitty Toy ever!!

I have had a kitty tease for at least 20 years and maybe more. I have had a lot of cats and all of them have loved it. Latest was a stray rehabbing in my garage who would not put any weight on his left leg. After a couple of vet visits and 2 antibiotics, NSAID, 2 pain meds, and 2 weeks rest finally got him outside and exercised him with the old kitty tease I had in the closet. The string had been knotted together multiple times and was significantly shorter than it had been originally. But when I got it out for “Mr. Nippy” none of that mattered. He crouched, jumped, spun, chased, and lunged. He was able to put all of his feline hunting instincts to work and successfully get back on his paws successfully. Long live the kitty tease!

Regina Kavanagh
Location:Austin Texas
February 19, 2023

Greatest interactive cat toy evah!

I was thrilled to find this on Amazon. When I saw it was a replica of the Galkie Kitty Tease which has been unavailable for the past 20+ years, I immediately had to have it (even though I have 2 of the originals my kitties still enjoy). Thank you folks for bringing this wonderful cat toy back and may your business thrive!

Location:Los Angeles CA
November 20, 2022

Like so many others, we

Like so many others, we purchased the original version over 20 years ago, and it has survived seven cats & three cross-country moves. I’ve replaced the original lure many times. I’ve kept my eye out for a good replacement, but this handle and pole are simply the best we’ve found. We’re now integrating a new cat into the household and having multiple Kitty Kasters will keep everyone’s attention on the intriguing toy, rather than the stranger.

April 30, 2022

Kitty Kaster is tru to the original!

I was so happy when my son told me that he had found the new Kitty Kaster and ordered one for his cat and one for mine.
We still have our original Kitty Tease from 1988 with its original denim tassel, now shredded. It has survived 10 cats and 3 pugs all of whom absolutely loved it, though some much more aggressively than others. I always laughed when one would grab the tassel and try to run off with it…
Glad to see that the quality of the materials and construction are excellent and nearly mirror the original Kitty Tease. I tested it right away and it works just as well as the other one.
Thanks so much again!

Location:Alexandria, VA
February 1, 2022

Lasted over 20 years

I bought this fishing pole probably 25 or even 30 years ago. Not really sure to be honest. My cat at the time loved it. Then when she passed away my next cat loved it! Fast forward, I just recently adopted two new kittens. I had no idea where this fishing pole was since it has been a number of years since I had a cat. I thought maybe I got rid of it. This morning I found it in a closet! The cats love it! It is simple in design but fun and entertaining to the cats.
Current designs of this fishing rod are plastic and use elastic on the pole. This one is some type of fiberglass or something on the pole with a wooden handle. The pole itself is strong flexible. It has a string for the fishing line. Based on the fact that it has lasted all these years through all these cats, that shows what good quality it is!

December 12, 2021

Saving the toy for the next cats we get

We bought the original Kitty Tease back in the 1990s and our cat at the time (Troy) loved it. We kept it for all his life and he still played with it until he got pretty old. Our other cat, who was younger, took over the toy and she played with it until she passed away in 2017.

Way before this point when Troy was still a kitty, in 2000, I found that the line was getting shorter and shorter and had some difficulty buying just the string pack. (Websites were much simpler then, sometimes too simple.) I emailed the original inventor John Galkiewicz who emailed me back with instructions for buying a 10-pack of string packs and so I bought new ones then. At that time the Galkie Company was in Harrogate, Tennessee.

Somewhere in storage today, we’ve still got the Kitty Tease and the remaining string packs. In getting rid of old records today, when I found the email chain with Mr. Galkiewicz I was curious if the Kitty Tease was still in business and was happy to discover that your fishing pole has kept up the tradition.

The fishing pole is a quite safe toy in its design and gave both of my cats a lot of exercise and pleasure. Troy used to like playing with it on top of our bed because he was able to do all sorts of acrobatics without worrying about hurting himself. Our younger cat liked stalking it on the floor so we’d have to slightly move the denim thing on the end and watch her wiggle her behind as she pretended she was hunting in the wild.

Someday we’ll get cats again and we look forward to carrying on the tradition of the Kitty Tease (known now as the Kitty Kaster). I hope that you have continued success.

Troy's Mom
February 11, 2021

The best cat fishing pole toy made!

The best cat fishing pole toy made! I had these 20+ years ago and they last forever, are so well made and the cats (and dogs) love them. So happy to find this toy again after all of these years!

November 2, 2020

Thank you for continuing this great product

Thank you for continuing this great product. I lost mine in a divorce 8 years ago and have been missing it ever since! I finally found a new one, my cats will be so happy!

Lucie H.
Location:Austin, TX
October 4, 2020

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