The Kitty Kaster

The Kitty Kaster is a re-introduction of the best cat toy ever created, the Galkie Kitty Tease (voted as “The Best Cat Toy in the Last 30 Years” and winner of the Cat Fancy “Hall of Fame” award). Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s John Galkiewicz designed, manufactured and sold The Kitty Tease toy to smaller chain pet stores. This is where I first experienced the toy and brought one home to my cats. It was an instant hit and my cats loved it. I had never seen a cat run and jump so high it turned my kitties into little acrobats. My cats loved that toy, but as the years passed and many moves happened the toy was lost. 

A picture from the early 90’s of me with an original Kitty Tease, amazed by my kitty jumping!

John has since retired and does not manufacture or sell the Kitty Tease toy any longer and hasn’t for many years. I have tried many toys the large manufacturers make and most of them are just junk.  So, I decided it was time for the best cat toy ever to be re-introduced to the world in the form of The Kitty Kaster.

The Kitty Kaster is a re-release so to speak of the original Kitty Tease. The Kitty Kaster has been faithfully recreated down to the exact specifications of what made the original so great. I use the same high-quality Fiberglass rod with the proper ratio of taper for bending and strength. The same smooth looped metal tip that won’t catch on the line or anything else, and the same solid wood handle. It measures 39 inches from tip to end and comes with about 34 inches of soft braided dacron line attached with a heavyweight denim target at the end. The only thing that was changed from the original was the color. I went with a more pure white color rather than the more cream white that was on the original toy (as that was more in style in the 90’s but not anymore). Cats love the Kitty Kaster and go crazy for it!

A picture from the early 90’s of me with an original Kitty Tease
amazed by my kitty jumping!

The Kitty Kaster is more than just a simple cat toy. It is a cat exerciser. What the heck is an exerciser? Basically it’s a toy that will get your cat moving while they run, chase and hunt the target. Quite a lot of toys just amuse kitty as he/she sits and paws at it. This toy will have kitty running at full speed chasing it to capture it. This helps kitty get exercise which is especially important to indoor kitties. My kitty from years ago would play so hard she would literally pant when she took a rest. I’ve never seen a cat do that with any other toy.

What makes the Kitty Kaster so great is that it doesn’t need swappable targets or gimmicks to make it puuuurfect for your fur babies. The size of the target is small and emulates a flying insect or other small target. It isn’t heavy or unwieldy to use. I have used some of those telescoping poles purchased online with the heavy feather on the end and the pole bends under the targets weight and cannot be cast at all. Those toys are made very cheap with foam handles that deteriorate and oftentimes plastic or hollow rods (so they can fold up). The Kitty Kaster is one solid piece of thick fiberglass and will have the same strength and durability as your fathers or grandfathers old fishing rod. I consider the Kitty Kaster an heirloom quality toy (this means if you take care of it, it will outlast you and can be passed down). The only pieces that need to be replaced are the string and target, and even then if you don’t let kitty chew on the line will last you fairly long. The dacron line is non toxic and has a low snag percentage so it wont easily be caught on sharp claws or objects.

The Kitty Kaster is also a safe toy for kitty. I see a lot of toys with metal hook and loop contraptions to change out the targets at the end and these baffle me. What if kitty gets their claw caught in this? or it gets caught on a tooth? What if kitty bites down on this metal? These other toys often have fairly heavy targets that can hit your cat when played with if not careful. None of these things is good for kitty. The Kitty Kaster target and line are light, soft, and held together with simple knots. Kitty may destroy the target but it won’t hurt their mouth or claws. If you miss-cast the target and it does land on kitty its little more than annoyance and should cause no pain. But Remember, Don’t let kitty chew on the line (the denim target is okay) and certainly do not let kitty EAT the line (try not to let them EAT the target either!). It isn’t toxic, but any length of string of any kind can knot up in kitty’s tummy and this can be VERY bad. Never let your cat eat any string of any kind. Rest assured if a small amount of the Kitty Kaster line is swallowed, it is sensed as a hairball and either thrown up or passed into the litter box harmlessly!  But if Kitty does chew through your line we carry replacement String and Target packs!

Please see the FAQ for more info on why I feel the Kaster is better than any toy on the market.

The Kitty Kaster is hand assembled in the USA by me and ships from good old state of Washington. It is a labor of love for me as I feel every kitty deserves the best cat toy so they can get exercise and satisfy their hunting desires.

If you love your cats, you owe it to them to get them a Kitty Kaster!