Introducing The Kitty Kaster!

** Please note the recent 15$ increase in shipping is due to USPS (their new NON-standard fee on items over 30 inches). This has SEVERELY impacted me selling the toys.. I have no control over this and do not blame you for not wanting to order at this time (but you still can and i'm shipping daily). I will be making the toys in a 2 peice version from here out which should be just as good, but also much cheaper to ship (25$ is too much shipping). It will take a month or two to get parts and assemble though, so please check back! 4/15/2022 Sorry for the wait!

The Purrfect toy for your Fur babies!


The Kitty Kaster is Great Exercise!

Cat’s, like humans need exercise. They need a way to expend their energy and satisfy their desire to hunt.

The Kitty Kaster is a fantastic avenue of exercise for any cat especially indoor kitties who dont get to run and play outside. It satiates kitty’s desire to hunt and gives them a sense of satisfaction every time they catch it.

Oh yeah, it’s also extremely entertaining to watch them play! (look how graceful Roxy is!)

The Kitty Kaster is a 39 inch long wand type fishing pole cat toy made entirely from high quality materials such as Fiberglass, Metal, and Wood.  it is a 100% SAFE toy for kitties Claws and Teeth. Unlike most cheaper toys with metal connectors and lure pieces there’s nothing to catch on kitties claws or teeth or bite down on. It has a 34 inch long soft nylon based line attached with a thick denim target at the end. It’s designed for maximum control and built to last. The Kitty Kaster’s simplistic design means there aren’t a lot of parts to break. This is not a cheap plastic toy. Being longer and stronger than most toys, at over 6 feet from target to handle end it gives your kitties the distance and space they need to really play (just make sure you have enough room for them to let loose!).

Head over to the About The Kitty Kaster page for a more informative background about this awesome cat toy exerciser. Also see the FAQ page for more detailed info about the Kaster! If you need more convincing also check out the Testimonials page!

Replacement String and Target Pack

It’s always good to have a spare string and target pack handy! Simply tie it on the end of your Kaster and you’re ready to go!

(Each pack contains 1- 34 inch line and 1 target pre-tied)


'Just Strings' 3 pack

Some kitties LOVE to chew on string, if you have one of those they may have already eaten through your line yet your denim target is in great shape, here’s a 3 pack replacement of pre-cut 38 inch strings that you can use with your existing denim target.

(Each pack contains 3 – 38 inch lines. These will be about 35-36 inches long after you tie them to the target and pole, which is the same length that originally comes tied to the Kaster)

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