Saving the toy for the next cats we get

We bought the original Kitty Tease back in the 1990s and our cat at the time (Troy) loved it. We kept it for all his life and he still played with it until he got pretty old. Our other cat, who was younger, took over the toy and she played with it until she passed away in 2017.

Way before this point when Troy was still a kitty, in 2000, I found that the line was getting shorter and shorter and had some difficulty buying just the string pack. (Websites were much simpler then, sometimes too simple.) I emailed the original inventor John Galkiewicz who emailed me back with instructions for buying a 10-pack of string packs and so I bought new ones then. At that time the Galkie Company was in Harrogate, Tennessee.

Somewhere in storage today, we’ve still got the Kitty Tease and the remaining string packs. In getting rid of old records today, when I found the email chain with Mr. Galkiewicz I was curious if the Kitty Tease was still in business and was happy to discover that your fishing pole has kept up the tradition.

The fishing pole is a quite safe toy in its design and gave both of my cats a lot of exercise and pleasure. Troy used to like playing with it on top of our bed because he was able to do all sorts of acrobatics without worrying about hurting himself. Our younger cat liked stalking it on the floor so we’d have to slightly move the denim thing on the end and watch her wiggle her behind as she pretended she was hunting in the wild.

Someday we’ll get cats again and we look forward to carrying on the tradition of the Kitty Tease (known now as the Kitty Kaster). I hope that you have continued success.