Best kitty Toy ever!!

I have had a kitty tease for at least 20 years and maybe more. I have had a lot of cats and all of them have loved it. Latest was a stray rehabbing in my garage who would not put any weight on his left leg. After a couple of vet visits and 2 antibiotics, NSAID, 2 pain meds, and 2 weeks rest finally got him outside and exercised him with the old kitty tease I had in the closet. The string had been knotted together multiple times and was significantly shorter than it had been originally. But when I got it out for “Mr. Nippy” none of that mattered. He crouched, jumped, spun, chased, and lunged. He was able to put all of his feline hunting instincts to work and successfully get back on his paws successfully. Long live the kitty tease!