String and Target Double Pack


Planning to buy 2 String and Target packs? Wanna help the environment a bit? This is 2 String and Targets in 1 bag (this cuts down on the number bags being thrown away after you’re done using them). There’s no real price difference, it’s just less waste. meow! (You can also leave a note on your order if you want more than 2 string and target packs but want them all in 1 bag, for you Super Heroes!!)

This is a set of 2 String and Targets (pre-tied). The exact same as the single packs, but these two are packed into 1 zip lock baggy instead of 2 separate baggies. This helps cut down on waste (as most people just toss the baggy when they are done).

Weight .10 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .5 in